Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Open Letter to John McCain, Requesting His Resignation

Dear Senator McCain:

I donated $500 to your presidential campaign. I now ask you to resign from political life. Your support for the fraudulent "bail out" of Wall Street, insurance companies and commercial banks weeks before last November's election demonstrated incompetence. Common sense ought to have told you that a former Goldman Sachs employee, Henry Paulson, was not an impartial referee who had any interest in taking the side of the American people. Nor does the Federal Reserve Bank. Americans once understood that central banking is inherently corrupt. You seem to have failed to read the lessons of Jefferson and Jackson, relying instead on incompetent university economists on Wall Street's payroll.

For too long corrupt special interests have increasingly manipulated the American economy. The "bail out", which you supported weeks before your presidential election, was the most extreme pandering to corrupt interests in the nation's history. I do not consider you to be an unethical man. Your war record is magnificent and you have done extraordinary service to the nation. However, you have lost your mind or lack the judgment to play a leadership role in the Republican Party.

We moderates want to reduce the scope of government. Only extremists such as yourself can look at a 50% tax burden on the American middle class and see the current situation as "mainstream" or "moderate". When a corrupt, incompetent government, such as exists in Washington, the states and localities today, forces the mainstream of American taxpayers via threat of violence to give up 50% of their income in order to subsidize one scam after another, culminating in hundreds of billions of dollars of handouts to inept financiers who are already on the dole every year via the Federal Reserve Bank, I must conclude that the government is insane. Not just extreme, insane. Since you have supported these insane, extremist policies, I urge you to resign from office in the national interest.


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.


Anonymous said...

Did you vote for McCain?

rebel said...

WE ARE GUARANTEED A DEPRESSION IF ALL BANKS FAIL!! which happened before Great Depression.Is this what you support? I certainly do not support Wall Street Fat Cats,But I certainly do not want a depression. If giving loans to banks will advoid this I certainly support it,who would'nt?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Anonymous: It's not polite to ask that.

Rebel: See my response on my blog proper.

Anonymous said...

What the North Vietnamese couldn’t accomplish with torture, our political system has accomplished. John McCain is now a broken shell of the man he used to be.
Chris Johansen
West Shokan