Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canada Free Press on Government Fraud

Contrairimairi sent me a Canada Free Press article (CFP) alleging a conspiracy concerning President OCheeseball's birth certificate. CFP notes that the DNC filed two different birth certificates concerning President OCheeseball and asks why he:

"has spent nearly $1.5 million in taxpayer’s funds to race Department of Justice lawyers around the country to stop all cases questioning Obama’s eligibility before discovery can force Obama to open up his top secret life?"

CFP concludes:

"this story confirms that some form of a conspiracy to mislead and ultimately defraud voters took place at the top of the Democrat Party. No story in recent history is of greater gravity."

What? A Democratic conspiracy to defraud voters? Impossible! This is America. We have the bail out. We have subsidies to agribusiness. We have welfare. What do you mean defraud? The Democrats could never have committed fraud.CFP must be a violent extremist!

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