Wednesday, August 12, 2009

American Seniors Association/American Association of Retired People

Several people have contacted me concerning the American Seniors Association. Some time ago I wrote a blog about the American Seniors Association. I had sent the ASA $50 more than two years ago. I also sent them a letter offering my services with respect to policy issues and helping with information and possibly a newsletter, to which they did not respond. As well, I have a master's degree from the College of Insurance (now known as the St. John's University School of Risk and Insurance) and was a benefits manager for 10 years. I could have helped them set up a program. But since I contacted them I heard from them only once--when they sent me a letter asking for more money.

I cannot recommend the ASA because I have not seen any evidence of good performance.

The AARP is well known as a provider of insurance services. It also takes a "progressive" position with respect to politics. My feeling is that if you're desperate for cheap insurance, they offer a good deal. Join them and try to sabotage them from within. Spend time trying to overturn their leadership.

If you don't need the insurance, I wouldn't join the AARP unless I was going to devote myself to reforming it. On the other hand, I cannot recommend the ASA.

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Anonymous said...

We were members of ASA a couple of years ago but received the same treatment. It almost seemed like they were a scam. IIRC they changed their name a couple of times. The only thing we received were more solicitations for funds. Never any real benefits.