Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alan Keyes Fears Obama Tyranny

Stephanie Turner of AC2C Revolt Parties quotes Alan Keyes (h/t Nancy Razik):

>Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law

Former Presidential candidate gives most dire warning yet about Obama agenda
Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law

Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes has given perhaps his most dire warning yet, saying that the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections, which is why they are demonizing their political enemies as criminals and terrorists.

Keyes is best known for his performance during the 2000 Republican presidential debates, when he was accredited by many media outlets as being the clear winner during a series of debates with George W. Bush and John McCain.

“It’s obvious that they will stop at nothing,” Keyes told attendees of a reception in Fort Wayne, adding, “We may wake up one day and there’s a series of terrorist attacks, the economy is paralysed…martial law will be declared everywhere in the United States and it won’t end until the crisis ends.”

Keyes said that Americans should be thankful if they even see another election in 2012, stating, “If we don’t wake up and work to see that it happens, we will not see another election.”

“The minute they think they can get away with it, they will end this system of government and that is their intention,” added Keyes, noting that everyone acting as if the time we are in was just “business as usual” reminds him of the attitude of politicians in the Weimar Republic when Hitler was rising to power or eastern Europe when the Communists were taking over after the second world war.

Keyes said that because the majority of people are decent-minded, they believe others will play by the rules when this simply isn’t the case, warning that this attitude will allow evil to take over before we can do anything about it.

“It is so clear that we have now put a faction in place - they are not playing by the rules and they don’t intend to play by the rules - if they were playing by the rules they wouldn’t have tried to identify their opposition as criminals,” added Keyes, making reference to the recent controversy surrounding the release of the MIAC and Homeland Security reports, which implied that Americans who exercise and are knowledgeable about their constitutional rights are a threat to law enforcement and potential domestic terrorists.

Keyes said that the only solution was from the bottom up because our leaders “are so gutless that they won’t even ask that the Constitution be enforced for clear, plain, absolutely unequivocal requirements,” and respond meekly with “their lips shut and their hearts terrorized.”

Keyes also warned of Obama’s agenda to create a civilian security force and said it was part of the ultimate agenda to disarm American citizens and create a police state.

Keyes has been a vocal critic of Obama, warning that he is a radical Communist who is determined to destroy America, and that if his agenda is not stopped then the country as we know it will cease to exist.


Superb Jon said...

Obama marks the end of the Burke Maritan Buckley model of conservatism based on collectivist labor unions, police suppression of the Bill of Rights, middle class subsidies for homes and schools under the watchful eye of the Knights of Columbus and Opus D. Every American boom has been caused by an Evangelical Revival and every major Depression by the domination of new Catholic immigrants. See for example George Marlin's history of the conservative party in New York or Paul Johnson's Modern Times, extolling the rise of Carolignianism of Adenauer, de Gaulle, and Gaspieri, forgetting that Hitler, too, was Carolignian and a Catholic altar boy.

shiloh said...

Unfotunately I also believe that Keyes is totally correct...I fear for our Nation. If people are watching with there eyes and ears wide open they would also see this as fact. I would vote for Keyes in a heart beat if he ever ran for President again. His heart is for God the American people and the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

There will be elections in 2012. Keyes will run and nobody will vote for him yet again, because he is an idiot.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Being an idiot is hardly a reason for the American people to reject a candidate. After all, Obama got elected. Not to mention Bush.

The tone of your message is but one more confirmation of Mr. Obama's failure to "unify" the nation. Obama's followers become ever more belligerent as the nation divides over his preposterous program.

Drooling with dull, vapid stares, Obama's supporters goosestep stupidly behind their half witted leader. When they return home they stare blankly at the cartoon network, Chris Matthews, Jack Cafferty and Romper Room.

Don't worry, I will visit you and wipe drool from your chin while you cheer your divisive president.