Friday, February 6, 2009

President Andrew Jackson on Infrastructure Improvement

"...I will not detain you with professions of zeal in the cause of internal improvements...for I do not suppose there is an intelligent citizen who does not wish to see them flourish. But though all are their friends, but few, I trust, are unmindful of the means by which they should be promoted; none certainly are so degenerate as to desire their success at the cost of that sacred instrument with the preservation of which is indissolubly bound our country's hopes...When an honest observance of constitutional compacts can not be obtained from communities like ours, it need not be anticipated elsewhere, and the cause in which there has been so much martyrdom, and from which so much was expected by the friends of liberty, may be abandoned, and the degrading truth that man is unfit for self-government admitted. And this will be the case if expediency be made a rule of construction in interpreting the Constitution...."

----President Andrew Jackson, on the veto of the Mayville Road, 1830. In Henry L. Watson, Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay, Boston: Bedford St. Martin's, p. 179.

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