Sunday, February 8, 2009

Down Memory Lane circa 1960

An old friend, Allen Leon, put up this 1960 picture of our kindergarten class with Mrs. McNellen on Facebook. The school, PS 83, was located in Long Island City, Queens in between 9th Street (to the west) and Vernon Boulevard (to the east) just south of 34th Avenue. I'm in the righthand top row in between two young ladies. PS 83 was closed in 1966 and I spent the last half of 6th grade in a new school, PS 76, that had been build that year. PS 83 must have been built before 1920 and I recall that there were separate entrances for boys and girls, although they had fallen out of use by 1960. It was built of old fashioned red brick. PS 1, located on 21st street, is not too far away and is still standing (it is now used as artists' studios) and PS 83 looked something like
the red portion of the PS 1 building toward the front.

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Lamar said...

Oh how we long for the "Good Ole Times".