Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Conspiracy Theory of the Obama Phenomenon

I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories but let's try one. A group of investment bankers, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch types gather at the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission or some similar venue. They aim to loot the public by injecting a huge amount of monetary reserves into the banking system, hyper-escalating a stock market depressed by media rumors (media that they control), sell at the peak and then sell dollars. They aim to find a fall guy for the ensuing market collapse and hyper-inflation. They create the image of a messianic president who turns out to be corrupt. What could be worse than discovering the Anointed One is a corrupt fraud? They play to racism thinly veiled by "progressive" cognitive dissonance and "liberal guilt". The monetary reserves do their work while, simultaneously a series of corruption scandals evolve even before the Annointed One takes office. The scandals start almost instantaneously, but take several years to coalesce around the Anointed One. By then, the stock market has peaked and goes into free fall, the dollar is plunging and there's hyper-inflation. The banker conspiracy pulls their dollars out of the US into gold, commodities or Euros. Who better to hang the problems on than the corrupt Messiah?

Tin foil hat stuff, right?


lukemcgook said...

Requires way too many conspirators, the market manipulation part of the theory. And, if Bernanke, the Open Market Committee, and dozens of staffers were somehow suborned, then why couldn't the masterminds make do with a Republican fall guy, or a Clinton?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Maybe since Bernanke and the Republicans have caused the coming inflation and Clinton wouldn't have been so easy to blame?

Mitchell Langbert said...

PS--no need for many conspirators. The people who run the Fed really believe in what they're doing. Bernanke believes that there's a depression and there's a need to triple the money supply. Useful idiots are far better than any conspiracy.

bvw said...

Well, this is like the old saw about a multi-century plot by the Rothschilds to run all the national banks/Fed Reserve. Can wait until Dan Brown treats that one to the pulp plot device that it is, at best.

There is no sense worrying about conspiracies, whether they are real or not. It's like worrying about how fast a butterfly in Peking flaps its wings and how that will impact the next day spot MWH sale at the PJM interconnect.

Most are just real conspiracies in history are found upon examination to be nothing beyond coincidences of opportunity. People are fickle, even the most trained, zealous and strong of will.

The Intelligent Designer of all creation and humanity designed in this thingie called sex, for one thing. Just to mention one base animal drive that tends to upset the best laid plans and processes. Humans do not hold active conspiracies together for much longer than a few years, a couple of decades, two score at most.

Ask Meyer Lansky.

Mitchell Langbert said...

You're right, but the Fed has been getting away with too much for too long.

bvw said...

Yes, the Fed is a cancer for sure. I like distributed systems, and a central money supply is the opposite of distributed. Worse still - it is all fiat money. Hyper-fiat money, worse still.

By hyper-fiat I mean that billions can be created in milliseconds -- no need to wait for some press to feed in the paper and apply the ink anymore.

In Amity Shales recent book on the FDR years she shows how resourceful localities were in inventing local money when the US froze up early on the Depression.

I figure we won't be on the upswing again until new money starts breaking out all over.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Hey BVW--My old friend Howard S. Katz just posted a blog on this topic a minute ago:

Check it out, very good.

bvw said...

Thanks for the well-done Katz article. Here's a Jewish perspective that covers what I think is similar territory.

In the times of the Levant, a merchant laden with a train of flax arrives in town. His huge inventory makes him the richest man in town, and the blacksmith is worried about the economic distortions that will entail. Flax is like money. Linen paper notes.

A sharpie remarks to the blacksmith -- it would take but one spark from your coals, or a fleck of red hot steel flying, to turn his entire inventory to nothing.

The blacksmith has his wealth in his craft, all his tooling and shed can be remade in a week or two. But the flax merchant has nothing should his piles of combustible material vaporize.

I'm suggesting that the bankers now have a very hot potato, and little else. We are at the condition now like in August at some National Park, where the Smokie the Bear arm on the sign is pointing to extreme fire danger.

Anonymous said...

Some of this conspiracy can be traced. Anyone involved made out like a bandit during the Wall street bailout. William Buffett is probably involved too. And somewhere in this mess I am sure we will find Lord Malloch Brown, Gordon Brown and President Saashkavili.

It is bigger than taking down the U.S., it is bringing as many countries down as he can for global power. We are just a little more difficult. But with progressives in charge piece of cake.

With George Soros all I can say is evil has the same power as goodness.

George Soros, "Bring down fascist America." But that does not mean him or his power elites. They will be the puppetmasters.

Biden and Obama are on track for New World Order. To make it happen people must be so miserable they will accept it. Progressives plan on it.

Anonymous said...

We have now a president elect we know nothing about. Obama's own supporter Bill Richardson ws interviewed and said Obama is a is a immigrant and good for other immigrants. Which makes Obama a usurper.

We also have Joe Biden who was unlawfully elected as a U.S. Senator at the age of 29.

Biden says NEW WORLD ORDER is what we need. A 62 page speech to Congress of Bidens New World Order has been scrubbed from the internet or I have not been able to find it.

In his speech in Clayton Hall, "On the Threshold of the New World
Order: A Rebirth for the United Nations," Biden said the world's
leaders must adopt a new understanding of security. "Collective
security today must encompass not only the security of nations," he
said, "but also mankind's security in a global environment that has
proven vulnerable to debilitating changes wrought by man's own
"Thus, in setting an American agenda for a new world order, we
must begin with a profound alteration in traditional thought," he
Speaking to about 150 faculty and students, Biden said the United
States should "buttress stable democracy in the former Soviet empire"
and "champion the cause of democracy in China."