Monday, September 29, 2008

Conservative Chloe on the US and China

Conservative Chloe (aka Jamie) has written me an e-mail. Jamie blogs at

Jamie used to work for the Michigan State Legislature (incidentally I briefly worked for the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee). Jamie has posted a good blog concerning progressive education in Michigan that for some strange reason the Chinese government has funded. The program's curriculum sounds familiar--it is the same drivel that "social justice educators" at the Natonal Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and the half-literate graduate schools of education have been advocating for a century. A good book on this topic is Diane Ravitch's Left Back: A Century of Battles over School Reform. Progressive education was a failure 50 years ago, but the education schools advocate it.

Jamie notes:

"The new mindset and curriculum these programs want to teach our children are quite frightening. Some of the objectives for preschool and kindergarten are as follows:

* The challenge is to help children appreciate the power they have to cause change and channel that energy towards positive endeavors. By providing opportunities to take action and observe consequences, children learn to appreciate their roles as change agents and become responsible for making wise choices. (In my opinion they are teaching our children to be activists.)

* Energy is the underlying currency that fuels the universe.

* As children extend their understandings to appreciate how human action affects the natural world, they can learn about species preservation. As children observe how plants thrive or die according to heat, rain, and soil conditions (i.e. global warming), they solidify their understandings of the ever important role of environment for all creatures of the earth.

"Throughout this curriculum are quotes from various intellectuals, including Confucius. Of course they can quote Confucius but not Jesus. But the bigger question is, what on earth are we doing in America teaching our children Chinese teachings and a global education curriculum? Is there any Legislator in Michigan willing to address this issue?"

The sad truth is that our own home-grown Bill Ayers and the lunatic fringe known as the education establishment are largely responsible for the ideas that Jamie is describing. I think that the American public needs to think in terms of home schooling and privatization of education. The voucher idea is good but it has run up against too much resistance from the entrenched teachers' unions. I think the best approach would be to fight to de-fund education so that parents are pressured to send their children to private schools or home school. The public education system in America is but one more Progressive disaster.

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