Friday, September 19, 2008

Barack Obama: Progressive for President

The Progressives believed that socialism should replace individualism and that community was more important than individuality. Barack Obama is repeating 120-year-old ideas in the name of "change". Senator Obama's "change" is the 120-year-old rhetoric of Herbert Croly and Walter Weyl.

The AP Division of the BOIS reports that Senator Obama says:

"Get rid of this philosophy. Get rid of the do-nothing approach to our economic problem and put somebody in there who's going to fight for you."

What a laugh. I doubt Senator Obama could describe the fundamental concepts underlying laissez-faire and I also doubt that he could accurately describe developmental differences between laissez-faire and mercantilist states.

Senator Obama is slated to make some statements on the economy today. I'll try to keep from yawning.

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