Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin's Critics Are Misogynists

I am always deeply disturbed by intolerance. Hatred of women, and denial of women's fair treatment is a historical wrong. We now see Barack Obama's followers unfairly attacking on Sarah Palin because she is a woman.

A thoughtful review of Ms. Palin's credentials suggests that they are far better than Barack Obama's. Ms. Palin has two years of executive experience. In contrast, Barack Obama has no executive experience. Executive experience is far more relevant to the presidency than legislative experience. There are many governors who, after one or two terms, have assumed the presidency.

Calvin Coolidge was Governor of Massachusetts for two years and lieutenant governor for two years before assuming the vice presidency in 1921. When Warren G. Harding died in 1923, Coolidge had roughly the experience that Palin would have under similar circumstances, minus the two years as lieutenant governor, hardly the best preparation for president.

Jimmy Carter had four years as Governor and three in the Georgia legislature. Theodore Roosevelt had only two years as Governor of New York (along with prior experience as assistant secretary of the navy and New York City Police Commissioner) before becoming vice president under William McKinley in 1901. When McKinley was shot in 1901, Roosevelt's experience was not much greater than Palin's is now. By any stretch of the imagination, Mr. Obama's four years in the Senate and utter lack of any executive experience would give him the weakest resume of any president in history were the public to make the error of electing him.

Thus, the media clown act around Ms. Palin's credentials is discriminatory. Ms. Palin, as a woman, likely has been subjected to misogyny before. The Obama campaign, in its brief history, already has demonstrated misogyny with respect to Hillary Clinton. Let fair minded men and women of America speak out against the Obama campaign's ugly bias.


Balbulican said...
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ATC333 said...

Thank goodness that there is in fact a record for the press to review, and compare to her statement at the Republican convention. regardless of her two years of executive experience, it seems that she is subject to the same illness, which has permeated the current administration, and its supporters. that of numerous half truths and distortions to sell her credentials as a reformer, and a hard line conservative. Her views, and those of George Bush are quite similar, beginning with his "its only a theory" , and her "I don't think human activities cause global warming"

With such overt fear, evidenced by the use of the term "misogyny" "clown act", and other such terms, raised by the radical right in defense of her, rather than a rational statement as to why the press has got it wrong, it is obvious that more will be coming out. Despite your opinion, the press, exists in part to aid the public in discerning the truth.

While you can admire her personal acts, such as her choice to bear a child, or not, consider also that she obviously had a much greater financial and emotional base and family than many single women earning $6.25 an hour, with no medical insurance, and no family support facing the same situation.

Although still claiming to be a maverick, McCain has sold out to the Radical Right, which will cost him my vote,as well as many others, which he had until that choice, which is obviously nothing more than pandering to the Radical Right.