Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pamela Geller and the Obama Birth Certificate

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged (hat tip Larwyn) cites Israel Insider about the missing Obama birth certificate. There is uncertainty about the authenticity of the copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate produced on Obama's fight the Smears site. Geller's correspondent Joe has analyzed the birth certificate and found a potential seal, though Israel Insider questions it. Geller concludes that the seal is really there and suggests:

"I believe the Obama campaign would deliberately keep such a question alive to diminish the veracity of the real scandals Obama is guilty of (Rezko, Auchi, Wright, Nation of Islam, Malley, Powers, Odinga, corruption, lies etc."

Perhaps Mr. Obama should make the birth certificate available and Republicans should emphasize a range of criticisms. There are many to choose from.


MMM said...

I think you may have a point. The last time Rezko started to surface..was the very same Friday Obamas people announced his speech on race for the upcoming Tuesday. The interview where Obama had to admit he had taken over $250,000 from Rezko, had dinner with him and his wife many times and actually brought Rezko to the property to convince him to buy the adjoining lot for $ 625,000 so Obama could buy the house Michele picked out. She picked out the house during her very short tenure at the Historical Society and knew the owners would not sell the house with out selling the lot next to it. The Obamas did not have the cash. They needed Rezko.
He made these admissions to the Chicago Tribune and you can read the article. It was March. It was largely unnoticed because of the announcement of his speech on 'racial' issues in the US. You may recall Obama started the race baiting in NH when he lost the primary there. It was documented by two historians at Princeton University. David Axelrod was being questioned by the media about Obamas loss and gave an answer that described the NH voters as racists who went into the booth, pulled the curtain closed behind them, donned their hoods and voted against the black man...the very first race comment..just like what he is doing now.."You will hear awful things about me...they will tell you I am a black man and you should be frightened"..
I am frightened because plain 'folks' know nothing about how really evil he and Axelrod are.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Hear, hear!

babinuta48 said...

Hello Mr.Mitchell...We are watching, and we are very concern about Obama covering up His Citizenship, birth certificate, and the whole dirty bussinesman around Him. I believe that He has bad advisors, and His judgment is scarry. Running election on Obamas judgement gives me chills!! As the law Profesor, he can not claim, that He missunderstand the USA LAW...but if proven for commiting a crime, He also can not claim, thay is the way He understand USA LAW. Politicians are allowed to commit a such crime- maybe that is the way He thinks, He is one of them!!!. BUT He is wrong, We are not some idiots, and We are proving to be smarter than He thinks about US!
He can not fool Highest USA Court, it will be very costly.I hope that He comes clean, but my gut is telling me otherwise!!!