Thursday, June 19, 2008

George Phillips on Maurice Hinchey

George Phillips has written an excellent article for Poughkeepsie Journal on Congressman Maurice Hinchey's crackpot proposal to establish price controls on gasoline. Phillips reminds us of:

"the long gas lines and fuel rationing of the 1970s, and has seen the disastrous artificial shortages price controls created. Many gas stations were forced to restrict gasoline purchases to a few gallons per customer or only to commercial vehicles. Others closed down entirely, unable to find gasoline for their customers."

Phillips astutely points out:

"supply and demand is a natural law of the land...The plan would effectively shut down oil companies that could lose far less money by simply not selling gasoline."

The bottom line is that America, and New York's 22nd Congressional district, would be better off with Phillips, not Hinchey, as Congressman.

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