Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Need a McCain-Obama-Clinton Sit-Up Contest

The Web is abuzz with Barack Obama's embarrassing mistake(see John Amato's Crooks and Liars post here and Michael Goldfarb's Weekly Standard post here , hat tip Larwyn). Mr. Obama said that there are 57 states. Just prior to his confused statement he had attempted to smear Mr. McCain by suggesting that Mr. McCain had "lost his bearings", due to his age. But it is Mr. Obama who is less mentally and physically fit.

I am not a wellness fanatic and even wrote a small book years ago attacking the idea of wellness programs in labor-management administered Taft Hartley Plans. But I base my prediction on a 2007 wellness report in Seek, which asks whether as a smoker Mr. Obama is qualified to be president:

For the record, Senator Obama claims to be a "moderate" smoker who wants to quit. That's good. He has stated many times that he HAS quit, often, but tends to lapse, due to insufficient resolve. A member of AA might suggest, "That ain't quitting." The candidate made this statement in an interview published by the Chicago Tribune: "It's an ongoing struggle. I've been chewing Nicorette strenuously." Well, chew on this, Senator: We all have ongoing struggles. Lose the smoking habit!...Americans haven't elected an unabashed, out-of-the-closet cigarette-smoking president since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The matter ought to be resolved with a sit-up and push-up contest. Instead of televised debates that skirt important issues, the three candidates should be lined up to compete to see who is physically younger. Chronological age can be quite different from physical age. My prediction:

Sit ups: McCain: 550, Clinton 80, Obama 14
Push ups: McCain: 40, Obama 18, Clinton 2
Jogging: McCain: 1 hour, Clinton 1/2 hour, Obama, 8 minutes.

Let the contest begin!

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