Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Progressive-Liberal Economists Murder Children

Economist Ben Bernanke

Weep and pray for children in nations with food shortages, who have been starved by the progressive-liberal Fed policies of the Greenspan and Bernanke Fed. For the past three decades progressive-liberal economists have advocated creation of money, that is, liquidity or credit, to stimulate real estate investment. This misallocation of resouces inhibited food production by transferring resources away from commodities production to construction.

Keynesian progressive-liberal economists have caused a global food shortage. Too little food being produced and the transfer of land to developers mean that agriculture cannot adjust to increasing demand. The Fed's actions, in response to the claims of Keynesian economists, are starving children. The economists are murderers because they have induced the world's banking community to engage in policies that have starved children. Now, their chief concern is that the starvation not impede Wall Street's profit picture.

Recently economist James Galbraith responded to my blog about his television appearance, claiming that higher interest rates would be a catastrophe. But the policies that the Fed has adopted, i.e., creation of money by lending it to hedge fund managers and commercial banks at public expense, has resulted in starvation around the world. Keynesians don't view the starvation that their policies have caused to be a catastrophe. Only a decline in Wall Street's profit picture is a catastrophe to them. Starving children is a detail of no economic consequence to their models.

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