Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Both Parties Are Committed to The Problem

The Republicans favor inflation. The Democrats favor more inflation. The Republicans favor policies that create food shortages. The Democrats favor policies that create greater food shortages. The Greenspan Fed stimulated demand for real estate, and farmers sold their land to real estate developers. Now we have food shortages. Banks took the counterfeit Fed money and lent it to people who couldn't pay it back, transferring it to the real estate developers. Now the Republicans favor printing more money to subsidize the banks who lent it to the people who can't pay it back. The Democrats favor printing more money to directly subsidize the people who can't pay it back. Neither party questions the importance of printing money to steal from productive Americans and subsidize banks, real estate developers and real estate investors. Neither party questions that land was diverted from farming to real estate development. Now, we have food shortages, and neither party can offer an intelligent solution.

No politician wants to addres the underlying problem because they are deeply committed to the perpetuation of said problem. Both parties favor distortion of the market place by stimulating demand. The Democrats aim to stimulate demand for real estate by transferring funds from the working class to the real estate owning class and in the process keeping land away from optimal use, i.e., farming. The Republicans aim to stimulate demand for investment banks by transferring funds from productive Americans to inept investors, also making sure that productive use of wealth does not occur.

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