Monday, March 24, 2008

Howard S. Katz and Market Psychology

I had the opportunity to observe market psychology first hand during the past couple of weeks. My friend, Howard S. Katz, had called a market top in gold this past Monday when gold was about $950. He also called a bottom in stocks and shifted from gold stocks into construction stocks. The first few days after Howard's call, gold continued to go up. It hit $1002 toward the end of the week. The stock market had become very volatile as bulls and bears battled in response to Fed easing. Subscribers to Howard's newsletter contacted Howard to argue that he had called the top too early. I mentioned Howard's call to a few MBA students and they too argued that he had been too early.

It is very difficult to call a turn precisely, but to make it more so, social pressure opposes a correct call. The gold market indeed topped at about $1000 and the construction stocks are up about 50% since Howard's call. I'm not sure how he does it (he uses technical analysis which is Greek to me), and I don't believe that contra-opinion is necessarily right. Delusional markets can continue for several years or more. Look at politics.

One thing is certain. If you are right about a change in market patterns there is going to be alot of argument against your position and not too much social support. It takes confidence in addition to the rare insight. The insight alone is rare enough. The combination of courage wtih insight is difficult to sustain.

The same is likely true of ideas. It takes guts to tell the truth.

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