Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Howard Katz's Poem

At the beginning of each issue of Howard S. Katz's financial newsletter, the One-Handed Economist, he offers a poem. Here is the poem from the January 11 issue, which is on his website:

In gold your wealth you now should park.
It hit 900 dollar mark.
Upon Filet mignon we sup
Cause price of gold is going up.

Oh, Ben Bernanake gets no thanks
He only wants to help the banks
He takes advantage of the rubes
And US dollar-down the tubes.

Yes, US dollar sinking fast
The other nations are aghast
The more they print, now don't you know,
The lower does its value go.

And as the dollar hits new lows,
Now into gold the money flows.
Yes, gold stocks, gold stocks, buy, buy, buy.
Gold stocks are going to the sky.

Model portfolio, good news
About our profits we enthuse.
And on this subject I can say,
This week we hit $200 K.

Oh Ben Bernanke he is bad.
He steals our wealth and makes us mad.
So people you must all be bold.
And buy those mining stocks of gold.

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