Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Needed: Across the Board Deregulation--And Fast!

My old friend Lenny Rann just forwarded a report that analyzes the proximate sources of the current dollar decline. The report argues that the investment banks had packaged sub prime loans with AAA loans when they sold mortgage backed securities to foreign investors. In turn, the foreign investors realized that they had been duped and this in turn eroded confidence in the ethics of the American dollar. They are now withdrawing money from dollar investments and turning elsewhere because of the erosion in confidence in the good faith of the American investment community and declining confidence in the dollar. I had put 1% of my portfolio in Powershares's dollar bearish fund, but it may be smart to put more as the dollar is declining daily. This is a massive phenomenon and will disrupt many of our expectations. A breakfast in Dublin runs close to $100 now. Your bank account is being turned into monopoly money by the Fed and the Bush administration.

The last 30 years has been a disappointment. I had hoped that the early gains in deregulation in areas like transportation would continue and that a trend toward greater freedom in economics would be matched with enhanced emphasis on the rule of law and markets. Instead, America has opted for a different course. Enhanced emphasis on whimsical regulation; the nanny state of Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York; continued regulation and protection of big business; refusal to repeal tariffs in fields like sugar; continued incompetence in education and refusal to introduce curriculum reforms advocated by Diane Ravitch and others to improve primary education; continued emphasis on credentialism and college degrees as opposed to results and productivity in the marketplace; and a perverse Wall Street Capitalism facilitated by the Fed and high income tax rates that inhibit imagination and new business formation. The result is that more and more Americans work in stores and in pointless economic activity.

The regulated economy will not function when the dollar loses global support. There will be widespread poverty if the left's nostrums, more regulation, more taxation, more power to incompetent elites and more credentialism are put into play. Instead, what is needed to respond to the failure of Wall Street capitalism is a return to fundamentals. It is only through deregulation; hard money; lowered income taxes; and an end to the wholesale waste and corruption of big government that America will be able to return to a leadership position and improve wages.

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I totally support that! Continue that way!