Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why a Bloomberg Presidential Run Will Help Republicans (or else conservatives are very dumb)

There has been debate about whether a Bloomberg presidential run would help the Democrats or Republicans. Unless conservatives are very dumb, Bloomberg will help the Republicans. The argument that Bloomberg will help Democrats because the conservatives and libertarians have been frustrated with President Bush involves an odd logic. It is like saying: "I opposed fascism and Mussolini, so I voted for Hitler" or "I disagree with Norman Thomas because I dislike government, so I voted for Gus Hall." As well: "I disliked Eisenhower's spending, so I voted for Stevenson." How about "I thought Landon was too liberal, so I voted for Roosevelt." You can probably think of a few more examples.

I doubt that conservatives will support him, unless they are very dumb. They would have to believe the media claims of Bloomberg's being a good manager. But conservatives are the ones who are suspicious of the media, so I doubt they'll fall for it, unless they are very dumb.

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