Monday, August 4, 2008

Jim and Mairi Fear an Illinois Democratic Cover Up Re Obama Birth Certificate

Given the anti-democratic and closed nature of Illinois politics Jim is skeptical of Mairi's petition drive. But stranger things have been successful. Barack Obama should hang his head in shame at his overt contempt for democracy.

Jim writes:

> I have exchanged emails with Mairia already. She is trying to collect signatures. God bless her for doing that.

> I have tried calling the RNC, but no one is picking up. You may not be familiar with Illinois, but the politics here are all run by the Chicago machine and the state combine. It is difficult to explain to an outsider how tightly controlled and inbred politics here really are. I am, at best, skeptical that a petition will produce results.

> I have called my state rep who is a democrat, but a decent guy. I will call Durbin just for yuks.

> I am open to other ideas to move this along.

>ContrairiMairi Writes:

>I am writing to request permission to circulate petitions at local Dominick's Grocery Store entrances. I am enclosing a copy of the petition being circulated. Please be certain that this petition is open to all adult residents of Illinois. It is not partisan, nor does it exclude people who are not registered voters.

>The petition requests that the State of Illinois verify that Barack Obama meets all legal requirements to hold the office of Senator of Illinois. This petition is a public service open to adults in our State. Illinois law mandates American citizenship in order to serve. Barack Obama has produced a certificate at his campaign website which is not valid. The certificate states clearly that any alteration of it renders it invalid. The certificate number has been removed, an alteration of the document, thereby rendering it invalid.

>The citizens of Illinois, by law, may request information to verify compliance with State Election guidelines and laws, and that is the sole motivation behind this petition drive.

>I am hoping you will grant us permission to circulate our petitions at your entrances. We shop frequently at Dominick's, and I feel that shoppers at your stores reflect an Illinois public that matches exactly what we hope to represent with our petition. We are striving to capture the feelings of residents who adequately reflect the total population of our great State. I feel that your shoppers meet and exceed our hope!


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