Monday, August 4, 2008

E-Mail From Reader: No Response from Hawaii Health Department

>Good afternoon.

I have been following the small drama surrounding Mr. Obama’s birth certificate.

The whole affair is odd. As a parent, I have to supply our schools with official, notarized, and authentic birth certificates for each of my children to attend school. So I write, pay my fee, and a few weeks later… viola! No big deal for me, so why such a fuss and all the foot dragging on Mr. Obama’s part?

Have you received any response yet from Hawaii? It has been a month.


Dear Jim: The Hawaii Health Department has an odd interpretation of social responsibility. On the one hand, it views the records of a major party presidential candidate as confidential despite a Hawaii open records policy. On the other, when I contacted them, Director Chiyome L. Fukino's and Communications Officer Janice Okubo's response has been to clam up.

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