Friday, August 8, 2008

Does Larry Johnson of the No Quarter Blog Have a Hard Copy Obama COLB?

I just heard a rumor that Larry Johnson of No Quarter USA has obtained what purports to be a hard copy of Barack H. Obama's birth certificate. I am eager to learn of the substance of this rumor.


Azmat said...

is mccain not a legal born citizen of the US; or was he a citizen at the founding of the union.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear Azmat--Thanks for your comment. My problem with Mr. Obama's birth certificate concerns the lack of a system to provide information to the public. The FEC may be limited to financial disclosure issues, true. But who is responsible to ensure that the public can obtain informaton from candidates relevant to legal requirements such as the Constitutional one in Article II. Mr. McCain is the child of a military officer who was stationed in Panama. If Mr. Obama wishes to argue that children of military personnel are not citizens, please do not let me stand in his way. As I mentioned to someone from the Cato Institute the other day, there is nothing wrong with the Democrats filing a similar complaint about Mr. McCain. However, from a legal standpoint I don't think there is much ground to exclude Mr. McCain. Nor may there be much ground if any to exclude Mr. Obama. However, there should be a mechanism whereby citizens can obtain this information as part of the electoral process. Mr. Obama has not helped matters because he chooses not to respond to requests and to allow bureaucracies like Hawaii's to shield him from revealing relevant information. So by all means, question McCain and question the citizenship of military children. As I offered to the Cato Institute, I would be interested in filing simultaneous complaints, one for each side.