Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Candace de Russy on Solzhenitsyn

Candace de Russy on Democracy Project blogs about Solzhenitsyn:

"Like many of my generation, I owe much to Solzhenitsyn. His magisterial and uncompromisingly truthful writings jolted me into examining more rigorously my, and our culture’s, moral values and politics. He galvanized us into confronting, justly fearing, and committing to a lifetime of fighting – to the best of our ability – what he called “the absolute Evil” of totalitarianism in the world. Moreover, this moral titan put us on guard against “the timid” and “pacifist” in our ranks, in particular, the faint-hearted “American Intelligentsia,” which would abandon us to the barbarians, past and present, who ever threaten our gates."

For me as well, reading Gulag Archipelago was critical. It puzzles me as well that while Nazism, or National Socialism, has been appropriately reviled, Socialism in One Country, which is the name Stalin gave it and is an accurate description of all real-world forms of socialism, as John Lukacs points out, continues to receive healthy support in universities. Solzhenitsyn showed us the reality of collectivist and socialist depravity, and so is a true giant.

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