Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barney Frank Aims to Soak All Who Can Pay; Mairi Is Angry (and she's not gonna take it anymore!)

Contrairimairi just forwarded this video :

Mairi writes:

Good Ole Barney........if BO gets elected with THIS albatross hanging around his neck, then I am VERY, VERY afraid for the America we know and love.

In his exchange with O'Reilly, Barney refused to accept ANY responsibility for his part in the Market collapse. I ask you......after we saw a republican Senator dragged through the press and courts for "pussy-footin'" in restrooms, why do we NOT see Barney tarred, feathered, and run out of Washington on a rail for his part in concealing the dirty dealings of his homosexual partner's part in nearly destroying America?

Intead, Barney states that there are plenty of rich people still out there to drain of MORE tax dollars. He's already planning a "hit" on them in the near future.
I am so angry I could scream!

I WISH John and Sarah would widen the horizon on what DOES make a difference in this campaign! They barely skirt the edges of what is important. Contrary to the MSM, these topics are not "angry, hate speak"......they are the FACTS! Like it or not!
We saw the poll results start climbing for McCain/Palin when they bagan challenging BO on his relationship with Ayers. Then.......they switched focus and began focusing almost solely on "Joe the Plumber". Well.......Joe is great, but Americans are still angry........I am still angry........and John and Sarah are still the best outlet for our voices to be heard when it comes to BO's "allegiances".

They state just a few of the facts about BO's "neighbors", and then leave us hanging. WHY haven't they come forward with the correspondence and tax records that PROVE BO and Ayers shared an office for at least three years? Do you think most Americans will ever find out? HOW.......WHERE.......? If people are not savvy enough to know how to find the info online, it just might as well remain a secret.
In recent discussions with acquaintances, I have found VERY FEW of them know many of the recently surfacing facts. They don't know Farrakhan referred to BO as the "Messiah". They don't know BO and Ayers shared an office in Chicago for at least three years..........many don't even know there are lawsuits filed demanding proof of citizenship.

I have to tell you, I am REALLY frightened. As much as conservative blog sites are trying to avail people of the facts, there are still far too many Americans who just don't know.........for that alone, there is no way we can expect a "fair election". If Americans widely knew some of these facts, I think we would be looking at a whole different set of polling numbers.

I appreciate all the hard work that conservative bloggers do to get out the message, but John and Sarah are still the best bet, and I hope more people will visit their campaign sites and continue pressing them to carry our message.

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