Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newsmax Concludes Smears on "Fight the Smears" Mostly True

Well golly gee. Newsmax concludes that most of the "smears" on the Obama website "fight the smears" are true. I wonder if that goes for Andy Martin's recent assertion that Barack Obama is really the son of left-wing writer Frank Marshall Davis.

Lowell Ponte of Newsmax writes:

>The Obama campaign says its candidate is a victim of “smears” — and has even created a Web site to fight such attacks.

But a Newsmax investigation finds many of the so-called smears are largely based in truth — and the Obama campaign uses half-truths, clever language, and ad hominem attacks to spin the facts.

Obama’s focuses mainly on anti-Obama messages being repeated on the Internet and talk radio, the only media where Obama's ideological allies are not dominant.

These "smears" and the Obama rebuttals are often framed in lawyerly language that leaves much wiggle room in the candidate’s answers. also makes no attempt at objectivity, describing Obama’s critics as “pushing misleading research and distorted claims” because they are “ideologues” busy “spreading a ‘pack of lies’ about Barack.”

Read the whole thing here.


Ted said...

OK, we now have the info on the Barack Obama birth certificate mystery. At first I dismissed this story as ludicrous, but actually it is now the only one which makes sense and does bring together all the pieces of the Barack puzzle. To sum it up, Barack Obama was NOT born in Kenya, he WAS born in Hawaii after all (thus he is a qualifying natural born citizen) BUT, the Kenyan Barack Obama Senior was not his real dad; his real dad was his mentor, his grandparents' family friend and early civil rights leader, Frank Marshall Davis who had an affair with Barack's "kind of swinging" mother. (Barack's infirmed garndmother is the last living person who possesses this 'secret'). Don't dismiss what I'm saying. Read below (and think about how it all makes sense). Ths Hawaiian Birth Certificate WAS 'doctored up' but not because Obama was born in Kenya but because the dad listed was not his real dad. It was done by agreement among Barack's mother, then swinger-Frank Marshall Davis who was already married to a white woman and had a child, and Barack Obama Senior (which explains why he had no problem leaving Barack who barely saw him after that).

Ted said...

Actually, when you think about this, it IS the only plausible explanation for all the events. That is, Obama’s birth certificate was phonied up, not because Obama was born in Kenya (since he really was born in Hawaii after all) but because the father listed after the fact was NOT Barack’s real father. This all make sense now explaining why Barack senior had no problem leaving the young Barack and nearly never seeing him again, and Barack’s mentor and remaining close family friend of Barack’s maternal grandparenrts (who happens to look like Barack as well) was Frank Marshall Davis.

Barack’s mother had an affair with then swinger, Frank Marshall Davis who was already married to a white woman and had a child. Hence the cover up, agreed to by Barack’s Mom, Frank Marshall Davis and Barack senior — and Barack’s infirmed grandmother is the last living person possessing this ’secret’ and having this connection.

This also explains the great ambivilance Barack felt toward his mother and grandmother, who deprived Barack of his real roots and familial connection to the more well known Frank Marshall Davis

And, it explains why it was understandable for Barack to return to Hawaii from Indonesia, without his mother, to live with his maternal grandparents and be close to who, in fact, WAS his real father, Frank Marshall Davis (who remained a close family friend of Barack’s maternal grandparents living in Hawaii).