Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin More Jewish Than Barry Goldwater

According to the Jewish Defense League site (h/t Nancy Razik) Sarah Palin is technically Jewish:

"Here's an interesting factoid: it seems that Governor Sarah Palin is technically a Jew. Yes, according to those who have written on the subject, not only was her mother, Sally Sheigam, Jewish (making her Jewish by Jewish law), her father also had a Jewish mother. However, her father was a devout Christian and raised his family that way, so Sarah was raised as a Christian despite her status as a Jew. Nazi sites have already picked up on this discussion."

Left-wingers attack Palin for being anti-Semitic while Nazis attack her for being Jewish. Academics attack her for not having studied the economics of John Maynard Keynes while educationists attack her for insisting that school children learn the "3 r's".

I hope McCain-Palin wins in no small part because I will LOVE to watch the saddened expressions on all those liberal professors that a Christian Jew non cultural relativist who is NOT ONE OF THEM is in the White House.

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BigFire said...

We all anybody to be part of our tribe, but seriously, thanks for finding this info...