Saturday, October 25, 2008

Illinois Residents--Call To Action

Contrairimairi writes:

Jesse White is the Illinois Secretary of State, and this is his office phone number: 217-782-2201.
I have sent him copies of two of the three letters I have written to Dan White, Exec. Dir., Illinois Board of Elections, demanding BO's removal from office in Illinois, as the provisions for a State Senator demand citizenship.
I just phoned the Secretary's office demanding the removal of BO for ineligibility and for illegally holding his office. Can you please have Illinois residents phone and likewise demand his removal from office. Hopefully, you have many Illinois contacts, and we can work at his removal from the "lowest" point on the totem, since it appears the likelihood of having things start at the top, at POTUS, do not seem to be faring well.
MANY, MANY Thanks,

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Momkiss said...

In case you missed it- Berg v Obama has been dismissed in Federal Court.