Friday, October 24, 2008

Jim Crum Pessimist, Raquel Okyay Optimist

Jim Crum point:

It is so hard to accept that our nation is toying with putting an inexperienced Marxist into the position of commander and chief. With no cantilever in Congress to check and control his ambitions and hubris, this is going to get very ugly. With no strong fourth estate to call into question any issues, you can count on more of the same once he is in office.

Raquel Okyay counterpoint:

I feel your pain, but remain optimistic. Let's remember the onslaught of negativity towards President Bush in 04, even on election day, where liberal pundits were calling it a Kerry win with a 6 point national lead in the polls. The same people who are in the tank for Obama are the same people conducting the polls.

My concern back then was that America was going to elect a traitor, who testified against American troops. Now, the concern is as noted, the Marxist beliefs of Obama.

Every single Democratic operative are getting on television and lying. Lani Davis with a straight face called Obama a fiscal conservative. Their mantra is deny, deny, deny until the lie becomes the truth. I have much more faith in the American people. The evidence is very clear.

No one is mentioning the "Bradley effect" good or bad, people will say they willl vote for a black man, and then they do not. This effect will cost Obama atleast some points.

And, I'm sorry to say, if McCain wins, liberals will go ballistic. They will scream racism, voter fraud, and cause chaos and riots. They will show their true colors, and then maybe then, will normal moderate people who don't really follow the news, like we do, will see how outrageous and out of the mainstream they really are.

One other note, as they did in 2000 and 2004, Cuban Americans in Florida, and there are many, will deliver Florida to McCain, because if there is one thing that Cuban Americans understand is that Communism is a failed economic system, and anyone who would cohort with Castro and company is on the wrong side of freedom.

Fidel Castro killed my Aunt, and tried to kill my father for writing against the communist government, I know first hand (or second hand) how brutal communism is.

America deserves better!

Jim Crum Counter-Counterpoint:

Well stated. My real worry is that the left is gaining control of too many levers of power:


In many ways, divided government does a better job of keeping the political scrimmage between the 40 yard lines. On the other hand, here in my home state of Illinois, one party runs everything and it is hard to describe how dysfunctional and corrupting it is. Ask Mairi (who is copied on this exchange and who lives in my state) her opinion, but my guess is that she would agree with me. Perhaps not, but I doubt it.

As far as riots, I really have no charitable comment. My only printable suggestion is counsel anyone to avoid it, as you usually end up hurting yourself and making things worse.

We will see how this shakes out…

Jim Crum

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