Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Would Obama Be The First President to Be Removed?

The McCain-Palin ticket has a good chance of winning despite its continuing sag in the polls. But an Obama-Biden win is certainly a possibility. Senator Obama has engaged in considerable deception concerning his upbringing. As well, ACORN, the community activist group with which he has been directly involved, is engaging in criminality and voter fraud on his behalf and has been doing so for months. Senator Obama's close friend, Tony Rezko, has been convicted of criminal fraud. Senator Obama engaged in fraud in connection with a real estate purchase with Mr. Rezko. At the same time, the Obama campaign has engaged in an unprecedented degree of election fraud. The media has been lying on Obama's behalf for months, to the point where it has been willing to sacrifice its own paper-thin credibility in order to further Senator Obama's candidacy. All of this caps off a candidate whose grasp of the issues is as paper thin as the media's reputation, which was exemplified, for example, when Senator Obama became confused over the status of Jerusalem in the Middle Eastern conflict.

I have worked with individuals engaging in fraud before and so have gradually become attuned to sociopathy's practical implications. In teaching, I have integrated some of my experiences into several classes, including conflict and negotiation and organizational behavior. The psychological construct of sociopathy plays an important but not carefully investigated role in business. As well, the annals of history and politics are littered with sociopathic personalities.

Many sociopaths rely on deception. When unethical behavior, be it repeated lying as in the case of Barack Obama, stealing, fraud or more serious crimes, is part of a conscienceless individual's way of behaving, it is imperative to keep such behavior secret and for the sociopath to move on when his behavior is uncovered. In the case of Senator Obama, he will occupy the most visible office in the United States, so moving on will not be an option.

It is true that for the next two years both houses of Congress may remain Democratic and so an impeachment is unlikely. It is also true that the Constitution's restraints on political power have eroded to the point where a sociopath in the presidency would probably be able to abridge or attack rights that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Progressives started the nation along that path a century ago, and now the door is open for a convincing sociopath to become a dictator. Obama may be that dictator. Moreover, the nation is going to be going through several strains, particularly in the all-important economic realm, where we are likely to see brisk inflation and reduced economic performance. This will be exacerbated if the Democrats impose heavy taxation and punish small business through regulation. As well, there may be a terrorist strike or an attack on Israel in response to a president who is soft on terrorism.

Any disruption is likely to give a President Obama a pretext to impose martial law and constraints on speech. Attacks on his opponents would be consistent with the way his campaign has acted toward McCain supporters. The angry comments, the willingness to stifle the speech of any who disagree, the threats, the vulgarity and the violence associated with the Obama campaign expresses an underlying thugishness on the candidate's part.

Should Obama win, as his sociopathy reveals itself through strikes against opponents, incompetence and corruption, there may be many surprised Americans, who have thought that by "change" Obama meant better living standards and better ethics. In turn, corruption associated with his administration would open the door for impeachment as Americans, many of whom will get past the "denial" characteristic of victims of con men, will be filled with anger that they have been duped. The force for impeachment will be greater than it was for Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush because the distance between how Senator Obama has represented himself and who he really is is far greater than has been the case for any previous President. As well, the criminality, corruption and cynicism that surrounds Senator Obama's presidential campaign exceeds that of President Richard M. Nixon, who resigned. The result will be massive social division within the United States and very likely a turning over of both houses of Congress in two years. The anger may be sufficient for Congress to act constitutionally, despite a President Obama's efforts to suspend the Constitution.

Americans must be vigilant as to any efforts by the mainstream media to encourage further erosion of Constitutional liberties.

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Joe Bubel said...

After hearing then reading about Biden's "Obama will be tested" comments, and how we are going to need to stand with him, that things may not appear 'right' at first, I thought, wow, there's a gaffe. Such comments might sway voters to look for experience over populism.

Then I read this thread, and thought, well, maybe Biden is just setting us up for Obama's TAKE OVER of the federal government. How Obama will use an international event to suspend the constitution. Could Biden really be telling us about things to come?