Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?

In recent weeks it has become clear that Barack Obama is a serial liar. His hypnotic public speaking facilitates a series of deceptions that may have deeper significance. Obama's associates, such as Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi, suggest a degree of anti-Semitism and hostility to the state of Israel. Yet, Senator Obama is willing to lie about this, and is able to convince the puissant media of a series of far-fetched distortions and misrepresentations.

I am not a theologian or a biblical scholar, but I can't help but wonder whether there is scriptural support for Barack Obama's being the Anti-Christ.


Raquel Okyay said...

I read that it was Rashid Khalidi who raised the funds to send Obama to Harvard Law School. I don't know if it's true, but it's certainly worth looking into.

conservative chloe said...

I just read an article and posted it to my blog. Here is a link regarding this very issue.

Obama an Early Student of Man Who Dedicated Book on Community Organizing to Satan

Let me know if it is no longer on this website and I will give a copy of the article to you. It is quite damning. Barack has openly praised the guy in question and worked with his group.

Back to Mitchell Langbert's post. No, Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ although he could very well assist in paving the way for him. Whether intentional or not his policies and ideologies are in line with what the anti-Christ will implement once in power. The anti-Christ will arise from the "revived Roman Empire", or the European Union as we call it (according to Revelations). There are distinct characteristics that are profiled in the anti-Christ and Barack does not fit this criteria. He may fit some of the criteria but not all. I believe he could be catalyst and his policies are eerily similar.

Nancy Razik said...

I think if BO wins, he's the Anti-Christ... or the false prophet...

JJC said...

I've posted this elsewhere but it is worth repeating:

There is a culture war and indeed it is largely rooted in what it means to be American, and what principles and ideas bind us together. Language is some of it, to be sure, but it goes far deeper than just that. America is very interesting in that we have not shut judeochristian standards away from the public sphere. Indeed, our very origins are rooted in the yearning for religious liberty and this was incoporated into our social fabric from the very onset. To that end, our culture is one of Christian standards and beliefs. That is who we are.


Is Obama the son of perdition? Likely not. He's simply too misguided. More directly stated, when he is not flat out lying through his teeth, he has shown himself to be an educated idiot. Don't feel self conscious Mitchell, because what you are doing is perfectly normal and appropriate. You are viewing the world using the additional filter of faith and nearly all of the great leaders and minds of the last 500 years have done the same. This is what made them different, and frankly better able to understand the world. This was true in science as well as politics. Why? Because our creator made order out of chaos, and as a result, those rules that hold things together in proper relationship should be observable, rationally ordered, and coherent.

Now let's step forward a bit. When we observe things that are chaotic, fractured, disordered and destructive, this runs counter to the rational and natural order of things that our creator intended. We see some of this in our own personal lives because of our own sinfulness, and this is naturally carried further and is reflected in society. (Yet, not every place is totally out of order. A few have observed the civilized, mature reaction to the flood in Iowa and vs the infantile response from New Orleans.) The greatest, and strongest retrograde force in the world today is Islam. Period. Observe the moral atrophy and asphyxiating effects on those societies where it exists.

Then What Are You Saying?

From a very early age, the people Mr. Obama has been mentored by and those as an adult who he has chosen to spend his life with, certainly have long trails of chaos behind them. They speak and teach hate, division, violence, envy and conflict between classes of people. Using these tools of social and political violence, they offer to remake society, to destroy, all in order to rebuild a paradise on earth. All of these behaviors and beliefs are simply, and clearly, Satan's footprints. As Pope Benedict XVI properly pointed out:

Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes, not divine, but demonic."
- Truth and Tolerance; p. 116

It is my belief that the son of perdition will be a Muslim. Couple this with Marxist thought, and you have a very dangerous theological cocktail. I think this is what is creeping into your view.