Monday, October 13, 2008

Barack Obama Is a Sociopath

Two months ago I blogged that Barack Obama is a sociopath. He displays many of the behavior patterns characteristic of socipaths, to wit, a magnetic personality, conscienceless lying, and frequent self-pitying statements such as how much questions raised about his background "hurt him". Obama has been involved in repeated criminality, such as the massive voter fraud by ACORN, Obama's relationship and real estate fraud with Tony Rezko, allegations by Clinton supporters of intimidation, threats and other forms of harrassment during the primaries and lying about his birth certificate and facts about his upbringing.

What tipped me off initially about Senator Obama's sociopathy was his willingness to claim that he is for "change" without offering meaning to that term. That strategy went beyond political hacks' usual lying, and was more reminiscent of totalitarian dictators like Adolf Hitler than traditional Democratic and Republican Party hacks.

As the election proceeds we hear ever more substantive information about criminality, lying and fraud associated with Barack Obama's campaign.

The news media has many times adopted the "rap" of sociopaths before. The New York Times has previously supported Fidel Castro and published the lies of Walter Duranty about the brutal Stalin regime. The rest of the mass media is equally inept, and they would sooner sell the country down the river then tell the truth about Obama's serial lying and sociopathic pattern.


richardsh said...

The only question Mitchell is whether the country will unplug from the Matrix they're attached to and wake up before it is too late.

Mitchell Langbert said...

God save us.

Joe Bubel said...

I would bet the farm ( even your farm Mitchell :-) if the republican candidate had half as much questionable history, and made half the turn around statement Obama has made, they (MSM) would have hundreds of investigators out there, looking for the truth, sparing no expense. Just look what happened in Alaska.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Joe-You're absolutely right (but please don't bet my farm!)