Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Surprise

Jim Crum has forwarded a Youtube link to a video about Phil Berg's law suit entitled October Surprise.

Berg alleges that the birth certificate on and other pro-Obama websites ( is linked to the Annenberg Foundation, which is closely linked to Senator Obama) is a forgery.

Berg cites Obama's grandmother, who states that she was in the delivery room in Kenya when Senator Obama was born. The Obamas have stated that Senator Obama was born in two different hospitals in Hawaii. Barack Obama's childhood name was Barry Sotero, and he attended school in Indonesia.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Texas Darlin have been reporting on these stories for quite a while but Berg does not give credit to them. Berg argues that because Senator Obama was naturalized, he is not a natural born citizen and so ineligible to be president.

Berg points out that the Democratic National Committee is violating its duty to Democrats by siding with Senator Obama in covering up the birth information. In contrast to John McCain, who quickly released all birth information when pressed about his birth in Panama to a military family, Senator Obama is fighting a law suit that merely asks that he release his birth information.

Senator Obama's cover up, his repeated lying and refusal to simply give Berg access to his birth information is disgraceful.

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