Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four Party System?

Given the failure of the two party system, a number of Jacksonian conservatives are anticipating a split in the Republican Party. In an e-mail sent (courtesy of Larwyn) AJAcksonian argues that:

"two parties will not exist as they are within 4-6 years.

"The divisions in the D party and R party are present and clearly seen, and a maximum of four parties, but most likely three will be a result.

"I have my old Jacksonian Party concepts that I posted awhile ago, which are dry... outlines of a party, not a party. That starts with the fundamental understanding that Jacksonians are what they do following what they say so as to prove they mean it. That requires an Ethics Platform for candidates and those seeking office... not a Party Platform, but a clear and distinct way to demonstrate that running for office is not a sinecure and that each race is a whole, new race. Any new party *must* address the concentration of power in the US and its movement to Incumbistan. Those moves come from parties with 'plans' not 'policy' and as Jackson demonstrated, it is policy that matters and plans must be forthrightly derived from good policy, thus a new party must have people who clearly establish policy and will work out good plans to carry them forth and WORK (that dirty word in DC) to get them done.

"That is a reformulation of politics top to bottom, not a reform of it: those who do it that way will create something new under the sun and yet as old as the Republic.

"My ideas are highly idealistic, and truly I don't expect them to work on a reasonable basis - they serve as the basis to stir thinking to GET an idea of what a new party Should Do. It must cut off the basis for Party power and for individual power accumulation. It must be a structure that is defined by its members in common, yet with simple and easy to define ways to disagree and not turn into 'factions'...

"For all of that a new party must be simple, uncomplicated, basic in outlook and look to keep the simple means of accountable government as its touchstone. If it is not in the Constitution, government doesn't get it. No Teddy Roosevelt 'expansionist views' towards power are part of that...

"Thus, any new party must address the plurality of thoughts that coalesce upon the common understanding that more government is not 'good' government. That 'regulation' is not control. That 'governing' is not ruling.

"Today we adhere to the former and yet the latter is our foundation and salvation as a people.

"If we dare to believe in ourselves first... and keep government always accountable to us."

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