Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fraud Surrounding Obama's Home

A poster on my blog, who calls himself "Diogenes" is a pro-Obama thought police who aims to attack any who question Senator Barack Obama's corruption and lies. In contrast, the original Diogenes, who was a "kuon" or cynic, tried to uproot corruption. My "Diogenes" holds up his lantern to throw rocks at all who question Senator Obama's corruption.

But there are still plenty of Americans interested in the truth and able to think for themselves. One of these is AJ Strata of Strata Sphere. Strata asks hard questions in his blog about what seems to be fraud surrounding Barack Obama's house that he co-purchased with convicted felon Tony Rezko (h/t Larwyn).

Strata writes:

"...From Hillbuzz there is news that convicted felon (and Obama associate) Tony Rezko is about to turn states evidence, and the rumor is he has an interesting target in his sights:

"...Tony Rezko is giving up the Giannoulias family to Patrick Fitzgerald — Rezko and the Giannoulias family are as close and tied together as anyone in Chicago could be. If Rezko is turning on them, then Rezko is going to give up Governor Rod Blagojevich and Obama too.

"...The Giannoulias family was involved with Obama as far back as his first state senate campaign in 1996. It has been long rumored here in Chicago that Obama obtained a sweetheart deal on his first town home here in Chicago — which he could not have afforded otherwise — and guess who the financing came from for that house?

"Here is the summary of what was found in the records:

"A Lexis property search for Obama in Illinois shows the Hyde Park property in Obama’s name beginning in 1998, but Obama supposedly bought the property in 1993.
All tax assessments from 1998-2004 are in the name of Emil - is this the person paying taxes on the property for the Obamas until they sold the property in 2005?
Obama Records have a different Legal Description than the original owner’s documents...."

Read the whole riveting story here.

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