Saturday, November 22, 2008

Riyaz Comments on GM and Delorean


Prof. Langbert,

I was a student from your MBA class in Spring 08 at Stern.

You had referred to a book - "On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors" by John DeLorean. I had read the book and looking at the current auto industry crisis I couldnt help but wonder how terrible the management at GM has been for such a long time. Here's a quote from the book -

"our inability to compete with the foreign manufacturers is more due to management failure than anything else... past managements spent our lush advantage extravagantly...the system and management are stifling initiative...leadership and innovation are impossible... not only are these people of no help, most of what they do is wrong... after a short time, the isolated executives would find their markets taken away by competitors who were attuned to the wants and needs of the public and who were exercising their franchises to operate responsibly..."

I'd like to hear your views on the topic and if you will publish them on your blog.



Anonymous said...

I am considering performing a reverse cell phone look up by going online. I'm receiving these phone calls by someone that I really don't know and am concerned who believe that they are contacting. Various strange texts and messages are being left on my personal voice mail and it is starting to drive me nuts. And so, where should i find these reverse phone research sites?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Just search reverse look up and you get "White". I searched myself on it and it seemed to work. Don't spend money on it unless you have to because there are a number of free sites that do this. If you feel there is any physical danger I would urge you to contact the police. They will probably do nothing but it doesn't hurt to let them know.