Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FrontPageMag Covers Mitchell Langbert's Rebuttal of Left Wing Extremists

Phil Orenstein has published an article in Frontpagemag concerning my rebuttal of an anonymous left wing extremist's assault on trustees of the City University of New York. Orenstein writes:

"Professor Mitchell Langbert posted a scathing reply to an extensively researched article, Look Who's Trusteeing at CUNY featured on the GC Advocate, the on-line student paper of the CUNY graduate Center. The writer excoriates City University of New York (CUNY) Chancellor Matt Goldstein, the CUNY Board of Trustees, and the Chairman of the Board, Benno Schmidt, as a 'veritable rogue’s gallery of hand-picked business elite.' The anonymous writer blames 'CUNY’s ruling body' for 'pushing to turn CUNY into ‘Walmart U,’' for hiking tuition and fees, shoving minority and working students out the door, and for the failure of the big bankers JP Morgan Chase and Citibank to provide student loans while their friends at the fed bail out Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae."

Orenstein adds:

"Instead of calling for the revolutionary overthrow of the rule of the Trustees and CUNY administration to be 'swept away' by the 'democratic' control of 'students, teachers and workers,' it’s the eccentric professors and CUNY officials running amok in radical politics and rallying for the defense of convicted terrorists and extremists, that have to be fired and directed to find a new line of work in a society 'under the rule of capital.'”

I must say: hear, hear. And read Phil's whole article here.

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