Saturday, August 30, 2008

Democracy In Inaction--Where Is Donald F. McGahan Now That We Really Need Him?

I just wrote the following e-mail to Bob Robbins, who inquired about responses to my efforts to obtain some administrative inquiry into the Barack Obama birth certificate question:

I posted the NY Board of Elections response in Postcards from the Edge. The NY Secretary of State told me that the Board of Elections handles this. It's probably a good idea to write to both because it varies by state. No other responses. In other words, I've written to my Congressman, the New York State Board of Elections, the Secretary of State, the IRS, the FEC, sent a petition to the FEC and all I've heard back in nearly a month is from the Board of Elections saying that they will think about looking into it. Democracy in inaction.

Here are links to the letters I wrote, they are on my blog:


Diogenes said...

I for one am disgusted that my tax dollars are spent, even in a minimal way, for government officials answering these ridiculous inquiries.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Well, if you're saying that the Department of Education should be abolished along with the FEC, I agree. But if you're saying that non-citizens should be allowed to run for office, I disagree. Someone needs to administer the election system competently, and with all the money I'm paying, they aren't doing it.