Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day of Fast and Prayer For America's Election System

Nancy R is calling for a day of fast and prayer for America's election system on Sept. 4 beginning at 6 AM. Here is a prayer that she has e-mailed me:

1) Dear God of Heaven and Earth, the Universe and everything therein, creator and father of us all, hear our prayer, bend your ear down from heaven to hear the prayers of your people.

2) We thank you dear God for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to take on the sins of the world and die for us. We thank you even more that you raised him from the dead and that He now sits at the right hand of your throne.

3) Dear Father, you created our country on Judeo-Christian principles which we have all been guilty of ignoring. Father, we are guilty of having a form of godliness. We are entertained by a worldly mix of movies, television, music and internet that erodes our Christian values. We go to church on Sundays thinking the appearance of holiness is more important that seeking holiness.

4) 85% of Americans have a Christian orientation... Yet, more than half of us bow to the god of Political Correctness. Please Lord God, turn us back to you. Purge our sins from our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits. We are full of sin. Please Father, give us a renewed heart and mind for the things of God. Make us all "new creatures in Christ".

5) Purge us of lust for carnal things. Millions of us are addicted to the flesh in its many forms. Help us Lord to choose You, instead! Give us the promised victory Jesus, for "Whoever He sets free is free indeed".

6) Father, we pray for godly leaders. We pray that you will forcebly remove all traitors to our great land wherever they might be. Purge out the anti-Americans in Washington, in our Congress, House and Senate. Remove those anarchists on the Supreme Court who are ripping our beloved Constitution to shreds!!! Take out the professors in our universities who tell our children that wrong is right and that God is irrelevant.

7) Forgive us Lord for being the "silent majority"!!! Being silent has brought America to the breaking point! Energize us Lord... Let us be the "City on a Hill" and that we will be "salt and light" to a dying world. Give us boldness to do your will and not our own! Give us courage to do what you created us to do!

8) And finally, Dear Lord, give us a president who will bring us back to our core Judeo-Christian foundation, who will fight for the right to life of the unborn and define marriage as between one man and one woman.

9) The Bible tells us that when we pray and repent, God will hear our prayers, see our tears and heal our land.

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Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thank you after sharing. Unequivocally worth my time.