Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catalano Re-Elected Ulster County Republican Chair

Mario Catalano, a dentist, has been re-elected chair of the Ulster County Republican Committee. I am a member and was privileged to vote for Catalano at last Thursday evening's meeting. Also, the Committee approved a new version of its by-laws.

Mr. Catalano noted that the speaker at the Committee's fundraiser dinner in October will be Rudy Giuliani, whom I hope runs for governor. Tickets are selling fast, and I hope I can get one.

There was a minor conflict between supporters of the prior chair, Pete Savago, and Catalano. However, in the vote on the by-laws and the re-election of the committee officers, only three members opposed and the rest of the more than 85 members in attendance supported Catalano's positions. Debate and disagreement are healthy.

Mr. Catalano is charming, affable, brilliant and articulate. He is also very handsome and reminds me of Burt Lancaster. I was impressed not only with his presentation and expert conduct of the meeting, but also with the entire committee. Many of the county's best and brightest were in attendance and the evening afforded me an excellent opportunity to meet capable and intelligent people. James Quigley, III, a CPA, treasurer of the Committee and the member who made the motion for Catalano's re-nomination, bought everyone an open bar. The meeting was held at the Hillside Manor in Kingston, NY. Their website features a rendition of "Ashokan Farewell".

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