Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea for Two Million

Darren Pope in the Washington Examiner reports that between 1.2 and two million Americans attended the anti-Obama tea party in Washington yesterday. Wow! The Examiner reports that Nancy Pelosi-Mussolini, the fascist from Frisco (yeah, I know those SOBs hate to hear the People's Republic on the Bay Frisco called Frisco), is unlikely to be booted out by her goose stepping constituents, but more than a few of her fellow national socialists may be in danger.

Pope writes:

"Rally-goers said they are not strictly anti-Obama, or anti-Democrat, but instead are fed up with big government, corruption, high taxes, and runaway spending. They said they have had enough of politicians who don't listen to their concerns and are more afraid of special interests than they are of the voters. Many in the crowd said they were Democrats or independents. The protestors were clearly from across the political spectrum, young and old, black and white, male and female. It will be hard to dismiss them as being only angry Republicans."

America has become a class-based society. The Democrats represent the wealthy, the professionals and government workers, and welfare recipients. The Republicans the working class. America is divided, and the Democrats' eight-decade long Roman policy of pretending to feed the plebes while supporting George Soros and Wall Street is to blame.

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