Sunday, September 13, 2009

Phil Orenstein Reports on Saturday's Tea Party

>Thank you, Mitch. Yesterdays' event will have reverberations for many months and years to come. It is obvious to anyone who was there that there were well over one million, with police closing off the streets of DC and reports that all buses were filled from Fla and other states and none were available, notwithstanding the media blackout from those pissant propagandists. These were not just angry old Republicans. They were mainly ordinary folks, young and old, black and white who are fed up with big gov't spending, taxes and takeovers and who are ready to fight. They are informed, well read and aware, having read the Constitution and the health care bill now in Congress. We the people are not the brainless racists that liberals, pundits and politicians charge, since they don't have a counter argument and still believe if they follow Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to deny and demean the opposition, it will just go away. They can no longer dismiss us as a redneck racist fringe. People are mad as hell and ready to fight to restore the Constitution.

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