Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm going to commit a hate crime. And I'm going to feel darn good about it.

It is time to BOYCOTT FRISCO! That's right, Frisco. And I hope they really hate it when I call it "Frisco"!

Friscans are imbeciles who have condemned America to death by left wing moron. Friscans are the boobs who are going to re-elect her. Friscans are the clowns who are forcing the rest of the country to have to listen to her.

Is it a city of owls and cuckoos, asses apes and dogs? Insane people? Flaming idiots? I really don't care. I am never again to set foot in the People's Republic By the Bay.

Boycott Frisco! Boycott Frisco! Boycott Frisco! Boycott Frisco! Boycott Frisco!


Phil Orenstein said...

Count me in!!!

richardsh said...

I love your sentiment Mitchell. I live in Southern California and wish I wasn't part of the same state as the people that keep Pelosi in office. It's embarrassing.