Monday, November 3, 2008

Contrairimairi on the Election

Dear Mitchell,
In about 48 hours, people in this Country will be on the verge of a major civil war. I wish, and HOPE that I am wrong, but I don't know how I could be.
If BO wins, Those on the right will KNOW the election was stolen. Stolen by vote fraud, stolen by foreigners who intend to take this Country down from the inside. Stolen by anyone with enough money......
If JMc wins........whole 'nother story. I believe we will see rioting, the likes of which this Country has NEVER seen. I do not believe for a moment, that riots won't happen if BO wins, in fact, if past history proves anything, it is that there will be riots, no matter what the outcome, but they will be far more devastating if BO loses.
So, where does that leave us?
We have seen an election process that will not soon be forgotten. I cannot believe the stupidity and maniacal fervor with which BO's minions have supported him. I truly believe that much of this could have been avoided, had the media done it's job.........even 1/2 it's job. Instead, they have nearly guaranteed that this Country will in a few hours time, become a war zone!
I hate pessimism, but I also believe in truth. The end of this election will see both! The truth will be the reality of pessimism felt by the supporters of whichever candidate loses.
I truly believe that the next four years will seem intolerable to those whose candidate loses, and may also be intolerable to those who supported BO if he wins.
One has to wonder if the damage will be irreparable. Few members of the electorate will oppose their own incumbent candidates, while wildly supporting "imposed" term limits on others by the votes of constituents. This should nearly guarantee the re-election of democrats already holding office, and thanks to George, the installation of new democrats to replace the republicans being tossed out.
Many others have seen and called this scenario, but in just a few short hours, it is looking much more likely to soon be reality. A bit ironic, if you ask me. Americans have "wrapped" themselves in "reality". Television is permeated with some ridiculous idea that "reality" is what viewers really want. Ahhhhh....the old......"Be careful what you wish for!"
Despite the fact that most "reality" in viewers mind has little or nothing to do with "actual" realities, I think America is about to get a hefty dose of, "Wake up and smell the coffee!" If JMc wins, I think there will be bitter hatred along race lines for a VERY long time, but hopefully the nation will survive the economic onslaught. On the other hand, if BO wins, I fear very little will survive. I believe this Country may evaporate before our eyes in a "reality" that cannot be stopped after an hour of "air time".
48 hours, and America as we have known her will be altered.....maybe just for a while......maybe permanently, but for many of us, it will be a very sad passing.


Matthew Avitabile said...

I wrote about this a little while back:

Joe Bubel said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Mairi's pessimism. There are just too many social changes Obama can force upon this country (having a super majority in the second branch of government) which will be extremely difficult to reverse. The reversal of such Obama initiatives will be villified as taking food and medicine from 'working' families. Or throwing 'working' families out onto the streets. Hateful. Biased. Phobic. Facist. These will be the things, future politicans will be called, if they attempt to touch the social changes Obama enacted, even if his foreign and economic policies were so terrible, he doesn't survive reelection.