Saturday, November 8, 2008

Terminate Your Newspaper Subscription, Turn Off TV News, Reform Republican Party, Press Talk Radio To Focus

Dear Friends: The recent election cycle has convinced me that the post-modern press, to include television and radio news, magazines, newspapers and weeklies do not provide informed analysis or factual evidence. Consuming them is worse than ignoring them. I have sworn off all paid information sources save one. I no longer watch television news.

As well, the Republican Party needs to be put on notice that its recent emphasis on special interests and big government is not acceptable and that there are enough advocates of limited government, sound money and responsible administration to prevent the Republican Party's further progress unless these views become fundamental to it. Under the Bush administration, the Republican Party reinvented Progressivism, and its culmination has been the socialization of banking, the opposite of anything small government advocates believe. It is good that the inflationary, big government policies of the Republican Party have been punished.

The question now is how to reinvent America. The talk radio gurus who have been emphasizing partisanship and criticizing the Democrats' tactical steps are focusing on hate instead of vision. Republicans, including talk radio, should be working on the creation of a new vision that will reassert Jacksonian Democracy, laissez faire, limited government and terminate the corrupt, poverty-inducing, thuggish Progressivism that guides the Bush Republicans and the Democrats.

Attacking the Obama administation now is a waste of time. The Bush administration destroyed the "conservative" vision of Ronald Reagan. Without a new game plan, the Republicans will remain permanently on the sidelines. The new game plan has to revolve around freedom. And it must address the conservatives' failures: their refusal to staunch insipid programs like the Department of Energy and the Department of Education; their inability to cut government; their dancing to Wall Street's flute at every chance; their inability to stick to the principles of honest government and laissez faire; and their reliance on monetary expansion to stimulate stock market and real estate bubbles at the expense of healthy, competitive industry.

Republicans need to create a vision and explain why their recent past has been an utter failure. Only then can they become electable again. And if they can't appeal to small business, ambitious young people, hard workers and believers in the American dream, then they deserve to fail.


BigLeagues said...

The answer to the Republican Party's future can be summed up in three words: RON PAUL REVOLUTION

Of course that would be asking too much of those that still have control of the party (who of course still are beholden to special interests).

Mairi said...

WAAAAAY ahead of you, Mitchell! I quit all "network" news MONTHS ago when the whole issue of citizenship really broke wild. I only watch FOX cable, and I am even beginning to see problems manifesting there. I think Murdoch is a little less worried about appealing to the masses now that "his guy" won. Shep Smith is a JOKE, and O'Reilly has been losing MUCH ground IMHO!

pmoshay said...

agreed, 'bigleagues'. lifelong dem here finally clued in.

BigLeagues said...

Mairi: FoxNews according to a study by the Pew Center had the MOST BALANCED coverage of McCain and Obama. Of course they didn't cover any of the other candidates that had national ballot access, but we have to start somewhere.

That said, Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN (of all places) at 7 PM weeknights EST is by far the best National News Broadcast in terms of unbiased just the facts news coverage.

Mairi said...

I gave up on FOX when they refused to cover the campaign contributions and birth certificate issues. This could have all been behind us a LONG time ago!
Where were they on the Logan Act with Raila. Even FOX "picks and chooses". If it's toxic, they wipe their hands clean. I really have to laugh when I think of O'Reilly's BO interview. What a CHUMP!

Mitchell Langbert said...

"MOST BALANCED coverage of McCain and Obama."

One thing I've noticed on Fox as well as CNN is that they never mention the Fed's role in stimulating the current economic problems. Abolish the Fed and this kind of extreme imbalance goes away. There might be greater year to year shifts in prices, especially if you allow unregulated fractional reserve banking (which arguably should be illegalized because it is a form of fraud) but prices from 1800 to 1930 zig zagged from year to year but stayed flat over 130 years. Moreover, there was far more innovation, and contrary to what the Times will tell you income inequality was declining in the late 19th century despite massive immigration. But, of course, the oil price bubble was due to "speculators", the housing bubble was due to the Democrats or the Republicans (depending on what channel you watch) but one thing is certain according to every station you watch, from Lou Dobbs to Bill O'Reilly's Spin Zone: We need the Fed to reduce interest rates and boost stock prices. Now the execs at Time Warner and Rupert Murdoch wouldn't have anything to do with that monotonous refrain, would they?