Thursday, November 27, 2008

Andy Martin Asks McCain Electors to Challenge BOCOLB

Andy Martin just sent me the following release:

(CHICAGO)(November 26, 2008) On November 7th Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin demonstrated the power of the Internet when he unleashed new demands for information from on Barack Obama. Martin, an adjunct professor of law, lit a fire that has begun to burn all across the United States as Americans respond by contacting Electoral College electors and demanding access to Barack Obama's original birth Certificate.

Fox News host Greta VanSusteren has chimed in by saying that all four national candidates should make their complete birth records available.

"It was a moment that had to be heard be understood," says the Internet's most influential political voice, Andy Martin. "Live on the Internet we created a spontaneous legal theory to justify questioning Obama's legitimacy at the Electoral College, and the American people have roared their approval." /Default.aspx

"There may have been an 'election,'" says Martin, "but the results of that election were clouded by ACORN vote fraud and Obama's steadfast refusal to authorize access to his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. What is he hiding? Until he provides access, he has no legitimacy to serve as President of the United States. Obama issued a laser-printed facsimile and falsely represented this was a 'copy' of the 'original' certificate to That was a bald-faced lie. Why did he lie to the American people? Why?

"All of Obama's preening and posturing since November 4th is just more of the same. There is no substance to the man. Every elector has a constitutional right to demand access to the original birth certificate before voting on December 15th.

"We will continue our efforts to bring former Senator Obama to justice in the courtroom of American public opinion. We are not going to let this turkey slip us the bird on December 15th."

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Anonymous said...

Sue the electors if they go through with the vote.