Tuesday, October 7, 2008

John McCain Wins October 7 Debate

John McCain was the hands down winner of tonight's debate. One of the pundits on CBS, a Democratic Party propaganda outlet, said the debate was a tie, which was a convincing bit of evidence that McCain won. Moreover, only one of CBS's stacked panel of "undecideds" came out in favor of Obama. McCain's knowledge of foreign affairs is far superior to Obama's. McCain successfully painted Obama as a tax-and-spend Democrat. However, I do not think that either candidate is competent with respect to economics. We have two parties committed to failed Progressive policies that have caused declining real hourly wages through the Federal Reserve Bank's inflationary policies, policies that have recently been intensified. This will not change. With Obama, there will be more socialism and more economic decline. With McCain there will be the same, only less so.

Unfortunately, Senator McCain didn't raise any of the important questions about Barack Obama's mysterious background, illegal campaign contributions, voter fraud and related ethics issues. For instance, what occurred during his upbringing in Indonesia; whether he is eligible to be president given his dual citizenship; and why the Kenyan government has briefly arrested anti-Obama investigator, Jerome Corsi, before releasing him.

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Joe Bubel said...

When Obama said that McCain had former Fannie and/or Freddie lobbyists working in his campaign, McCain lost a HUGE opportunity to point out Obama's chief finincial advisor, former (disgraced) CEO of Fannie.

McCain may not be great for America, but Obama is NOT RIGHT for America, is is absolutley WRONG for our beloved country.