Friday, October 10, 2008

JammieWearingFool On the New York Times

I don't usually fuss over the New York Times because they've been dead to me ever since they sided with Robert Moses about the Cross Bronx Expressway. But JammieWearingFool offers a classic observation on New York's Progressive Propaganda sheet (that favors estate taxes on all and everyone with the exception of family trusts that own newspapers) (h/t Larwyn):

Shocker: 'Paper of Record' Discovers Fraudulent Obama Donations
The New York Times is playing a little CYA here by actually reporting on the massive campaign fraud by the Obama campaign in accepting donations from thousands of suspect sources. It would be nice if this were front page news rather than being buried on page A24. When they made up the story about John McCain supposedly having an affair with a lobbyist, that was front and center on page 1.

Read the whole thing here.

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