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Sukumar Sikdar's Letter to Tom Brokaw Concerning the Candidates' Past

Dr. Sukumar Sikdar has written a letter to Tom Brokaw and e-mailed it to a group of media outlets. I have sent a follow-up e-mail to the same outlets. First, I list the outlets, then the follow-up letter, then Dr. Sikdar's original letter.


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My e-mail:

>Mr. Tom Brokaw
NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

PO Box 130
West Shokan, New York 12494

Dear Mr. Brokaw:

I concur with Dr. Sukumar Sikdar's suggestion that you ask questions concerning the two candidates' past on Tuesday's debate. Dr. Sikdar writes:

"There are too many gaps regarding the early (30/47 = 63%) life of Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr."

Dr. Sikdar raises a range of questions concerning the candidates, especially Barack Obama, but the same questions ought to be posed to John McCain concerning his early life as the child of a military officer, which the New York Times considers to be objectionable.

I would suggest to you that your and the media's blackout of questions about the candidates' past is unsconscionable, and as a Ph.D.-trained academic and a libertarian conservative, I have long since stopped watching your and any other television station and, as well, stopped reading newspapers and magazines. Without a competent news source, and there is virtually none in the United States, American democracy has ground to a halt.


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.

Dr. Sikdar's e-mail:

----- Original Message -----

From: Dr. Sukumar Sikdar

Mr. Tom Brokaw

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

Dear Mr. Brokaw:

To differentiate between the two presidential candidates, I was comparing them using “two axioms” taking them as proven / written below:

1. A person’s innate survival core is totally formed before age 7-9. It means that how and if a person survives the 1st few (7-9) years of life – the core autopilot of person’s life is preset.

2. A person’s intrinsic character is formed before age 27-30. That means all deeds and actions in later life by that person are seeded in events within that earlier part of life.

I was searching for those data and answers from public / internet information. There are too many gaps regarding the early (30/47 = 63%) life of Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. I hope you agree that the questions below are appropriate. Kindly gather the answer to these questions by your questions and prodding during the upcoming presidential debate.

Here are the queries or questions or blanks to fill:

Senator Obama was born out of a premarital alliance between a White Christian Mother and a Black Foreign Muslim Father and that union was legitimized by a Muslim ritual marriage without proper civil records. He was born as a Muslim by religion and US Citizen by birth on US Soil. His birth parents separated by Muslim “Talak (instant divorce)” and his Mother married 2nd time to another Foreign Muslim Step Father from Indonesia (the country with largest Muslim Population). Child Barack Hussein Obama Jr. at age 5/6 went to Indonesia as a Muslim Stepson of a Muslin Stepfather to live in a Muslim Country. At age 10/11, adolescent Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was sent back to US to his white Christian Grandparents while his Mother and Stepfather stayed back in Indonesia. His mother visited USA for a short while and then returned to INDONESIA. Here are some missing data or relevant questions:
When he traveled to Indonesia – did he travel with his own Passport or in Mother’s Passport or in Step Father’s Passport or in several different Passports? What nationalities were used in those Passports? Does he have any recollection?
When he was in INDONESIA – did his Kenyan Muslim birth father visit with his Indonesian Muslim Stepfather and did they both jointly take him see any Special Muslim Mullah? Was he circumcised according to special Muslim Rites? Does he have any recollection?
While in INDONESIA – was he given any special Muslim Amulet or Charms? Does he know the meaning of the phrase “al-qada wa al-qadar”? Did he learn anything about Islamic Predestination? What was he told about his own life’s Predestination? Does he have any recollection?
When his Kenyan Muslim birth father visited him in USA in 1970s – what specific gifts, beads and books he gave him? Does he have any recollection?
Does he remember that he was determined by a Prophetic few in INDONESIA that he was the ultimate “Qurbani” chosen by Allah?
Has he been able to quit smoking and / or nicotine? If not, why not and what is the specific fear which forces him back to that specific slow suicidal coping aide?
As “The President of USA” is truly the person with the Highest Level of Security Clearance, is he willing to take a polygraph, under truth serum injection, answering the above questions privately, just like an ordinary Citizen applying for a very high level Security Cleared job?
Between 1979 and 1991, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. traveled outside of USA and visited with friends in selected places and cities. Here are some missing data or relevant questions:
What were the travel dates, durations, purpose and destinations?
Where (which cities and mosques) and with whom, which families did he spend his time during those visits?
What and how many passports did he travel with over those 12 years? Are those passports available for scrutiny?
How those travels were financed?
We Citizens seek more factual details on the college years of Barack Hussein Obama Jr. – both at Columbia and Harvard Universities. Here are some missing data or relevant questions:
May we get to see his University applications, essays and recommendations for both Universities? How and who all helped him in his admission process and why?
May we get copies of his Transcripts and Thesis completed at both locations? May we get the details of his “room mates and close buddies” in those two universities?
May we get some clue as to how his living and school expenses from 1970 to 1991 was met / financed? We need to know his support Money Trail of those 21 years.
We Citizens are highly suspicious about the Character, Judgment and possible Covert Foreign Association of Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. We ought to ask:
Is he willing to “testify under oath” if he is asked about the circumstances or Iranian / Arabic connections which led to his arranged marriage with Michelle LaVaughn Robinson?
Is he willing to “testify under oath” if he is asked about how and why he sought out specific persons like William Ayers, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and such others and was there a long term goal-seeking strategy directed by powerful people from Foreign Countries such as Middle East, Pakistan and Indonesia?
Is he willing to “testify under oath” about the circumstances, reasons, actions and his knowledge and feelings around the three major, untimely, grieving, very tragic events in his life – deaths of his (a) Black Muslim birth father from Kenya, (b) Muslim Stepfather from Indonesia and (c) white Christian Mother from USA?

In spite of some initial attention and attraction, I am personally very perplexed and extremely concerned about the future of USA with Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. as a Candidate.

I am an elderly person. I wish to live a simple life without publicity or attention; also I do not want to attract personal dangers to myself or to my family. Requesting all Journalists, Editors, Producers, Reporters and Recipients, to kindly keep me as anonymous, though I have provided you with my name and email to indicate that I am real and how very concerned I am as an ordinary Citizen.

Thank you.


Sukumar Sikdar

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Mitchell Langbert said...

Truthhurts left this comment regarding the Sikdar letter:

TruthHurts has left a new comment on your post "Sukumar Sikdar's Letter to Tom Brokaw Concerning t...":

Hear are my questions..

Why did he write Hussein 8 times in the letter? Surprised its not written like this to really scare people (Barack HUSSEIN Obama)

I can do it too:
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III
John Sidney McCain III

Did that make you nervous?

No interest in seeing McCain's Naval Academy application, essay and recommendation? How and who all helped him in his admission process and why?
No interest in McCain Transcripts and Thesis? Wouldn't you like to individually question all of McCain college friends?

This letter is riddle with so much
false rummor, paranoia, and inaccuracy that it is a bit amusing. The real funny part is that everyone knows Obama's life story because people have thrown millions into finding out every detail about him. Ever heard of Jerome Corsi? Who can honestly say that they know more about McCain than Obama? We know McCain was a POW and a senator. Fear is the only card left to play.
The double standard is truly amazing. You can throw out names like Ayers, Wright, and Rezko, but any mention of the shady characters that have associated with McCain enrages you. Wright is one of the funniest ones because you call Obama a Muslim and then you accuse him of going to a racist christian church for 20 years. Which is it..racist christian or scary muslim?

Some new theories I've heard on Barack Hussein Obama:
Maybe Indonesian authorities built him in a lab, and financed his education because they knew that he would be elected president in 2008(even though there have only been 5 senators of black descent ..ever(including him)). I heard Saddam was his dad's best man at his wedding. I also heared Bin Laden is his cousin.
Some other pertinent information that he hasn't shared:
his shoe size..
His kids' middle names..
Favorite color..
What is he hiding?!!!!