Saturday, May 14, 2011

Message to Ulster County GOP Re Yess Resignation

Speaking as an outsider and someone with a long history of pro-freedom activism, I would like to ask everyone on the executive committee, what does the GOP in Ulster County now have to offer people who believe in limited government and individual liberty?  By failing to oppose the Golden Hill home, is the GOP here in Ulster County the Democrats’ servile “me too” party? Has the current county legislature reduced spending and taxes-- or is it in the Progressive-Party-pretending-to-be-a-limited-government-party excuse-invention business?  Is there a reason why I should spend my time raising money or collecting signatures for a party whose majority cannot refrain from spending $80 million on a boondoggle like Golden Hill?  What is the GOP doing to actualize the ideas of Thomas Jefferson rather than Progressive-cum-socialist Theodore Roosevelt? Can someone clue me in?  

Mitchell Langbert    

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