Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Far Left Attacks Trustee Wiesenfeld

Phyllis Chesler posts a blog about the faculty behind Tony Kushner's nomination for a CUNY honorary degree. She writes:

When I first described the City University of New York as the Communist University of New York, I had no idea how right I was.

It seems that Dr. Michael Meeropol, the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, is one of two professors at John Jay College who nominated Tony Kushner for this honorary degree. Meeropol is a professor of economics...

...Right now, the left-wing CUNY faculty are exulting in their spurious “win.” They expect a huge media turnout on June 3, graduation day, to further magnify and glorify their demonization of Israel.


Anonymous said...

"I would not be adverse to Obama's reelection"

You yellow belly piece of shit rino scum! Get the fuck away from our tea party you band wagon jumpin little Wiesel fake ass wantabee! You should be banned from ALL GOP and TEA meetings! You Fake ass little boy scum!

Mitchell Langbert said...

I'll tell you what, girlie. I'll be at the GOP dinner on the 19th and the next Tea Party meeting. You can tap me on the shoulder and we can discuss your concerns; that is, we'll discuss your concerns if you are capable of speaking English, which I doubt. If I don't hear from you, girlie, we'll both know who the yellow belly is who's too scared to sign her name to her moronic messages. And by the way, I only posted it so people can see how moronic the big government supporters in the GOP are.

Anonymous said...

How about you print out your rants and awful disrespectful degrading blogs that you post about the GOP and the TEA and bring them with you and show them to the GOP's at the dinner as well as show them to the Tea party meeting? I'm sure they will tap you on the shoulder, beat your ass silly and call you much worse than a girlie. Or are you a two faced bigot? Say what you mean and mean what you say. BUT, you say one thing on your blog and then kissieface another at those meetings. You my dear,..are a fake.

Your history in your blog shows time and time and time again how two faced you are. You have two choices,..Hide by deleting 20% of your blogs, or be a man and stand by your words and print them out and bring them to those meetings.

I'm sure you won't and will be what you are,.. a yellow belly hiding behind a blog.

"too scared to sign her name to her moronic messages", ?

Signed, with xoxo,

(I'm sure you don't remember me as you were all suckyface' with others of your kind when we met)

P.s. "I only posted it so people can see how moronic the big government supporters in the GOP are."?

Now you sound like Robert Gibbs!

Mitchell Langbert said...

You're full of baloney. First of all, the chair of the GOP, Robin Yess, subscribes to this blog and she gets every headline I write. Second, she knows all about the article I wrote for the Lincoln Eagle that appears on this blog at http://mitchell-langbert.blogspot.com/2011/05/disharmonic-gop-orchestrates-golden.html as well as in this month's Lincoln Eagle. Moreover, I have attacked the GOP repeatedly at the Kingston Rhinebeck Tea Party, as has my good friend Glenda McGee.

Yes, I am disrespectful of the GOP because it has betrayed the American public and the principles on which Jefferson founded the original Republicans. It has put big government and big spending clowns like George Bush in office, clowns who suppress liberty and attack the average American through their subsidies to special interests.

I have made every point on this blog when I've spoken at the Kingston Rhinebeck Tea Party. Glenda McGee and I have attacked the GOP repeatedly there, and I have not hidden my views from Robin or Mario Catalano, whom I interviewed in the Lincoln Eagle article and which he has undoubtedly read.

I have yet to hear from anyone, other than anonymous posters who call me confused names.

The matter of fact is, I could do more for the Tea Party, but I don't because lack of time. I have done much more for the GOP than 99.9% of the listeners of Rush Limbaugh, and I have gotten nothing, 0, in return.

As far as me being a fake, I don't think you're smart enough to know a fake when you see it. The fakes are named Mitt Romney, George Bush and their friends. If you're defending them from me, you're the victim of a scam who still defends the person who scammed them.

And if the GOP doesn't want to hear that message, too bad for them. I have gotten nothing from them and I have nothing to gain from them. They are the fakes.

Have you even heard of the Federal Reserve Bank or have the slightest clue as to why it's important and the role it plays in what I'm talking about?

If not, you're in the dark. Your attacking me, who can clue you in, just tells me that you're a pathetic victim.

Anonymous said...

Mr Langbert:

I am not the same anonymous who has been posting in this thread. I have one question for you. I am trying to understand why you fight the good fight, rather than opposing the greater evil?

Mitchell Langbert said...

I don't get what you're saying. What's the good fight (do you mean the Fed?) and what's the greater evil?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what anonymous2 means.
Instead of fighting against our side as you do and ripping us, why don't you use your time and ink to fight against what the Dems and Obama are doing to our country.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear Anonymous 2 and 3:

I oppose big government. The Republicans claim to be the party of small government. If so, then they should oppose: UN Agenda 21, abolition of the gold standard and the Patriot Act. Let's see where they stand.

It is true that Cap and Trade was a terrible law and entirely due to the Democrats. But Cap and Trade is part of a larger environmental thrust called UN Agenda 21 sponsored by UNESCO. Cap and Trade was a way to implement UN Agenda 21. You may be surprised to learn that the United States has handed management of millions of acres of public land, including the Statute of Liberty and Yosemite National Park, to the United Nations under UN Agenda 21.

Cap and Trade was a slightly more radical way to implement UN Agenda 21.

George H. Bush signed UN Agenda 21 in 1993. In other words, globalist environmentalism comes from the first Bush administration.

UN Agenda 21 is based on the Adirondack Park. The Rockefellers, Republicans, have not only pushed for the Adirondack Park but have personally financed parts of its administration.

The biggest expansion of government of the past 50 years was the abolition of the gold standard and the granting to the Federal Reserve of unlimited authority to print money. This was done by a Republican administration: Richard M. Nixon's.

All government expansion comes from the Fed's monetary expansion power. In other words, all growth in government since was made possible by the Republicans led by Richard M. Nixon.

The Patriot Act expands the government's ability to violate the Constitution. It gives government power to commmit illegal searches and seizures against terrorists, who could easily be defined as protestors, Tea Party members or anyone else. In fact, Tea Party members have been repeatedly characterized as terrorists.

The Republicans led by George W. Bush put that expansion of government into effect.

Now, please tell me where you stand on big government.

1. Do you favor the Federal Reserve Bank's unlimiited power to print money

2. Do you agree with UN Agenda 21, signed by George H. Bush, which advocates turning a quarter of the US into park land?

3. Do you agree with the Patriot Act's expanding the power of government to invade your property?

4. Do you agree with the past 40 years of GOP leadership that has failed to repeal the Department of Education and the Department of Energy?

If you agree with those positions, then you are as much for big government as any Democrat, and I disagree with you.

If you disagree with those positions, then I do not understand how you can blindly support Republicans who have repeatedly permitted the Democrats to expand government and benefited personally from the expansion.

Anonymous said...

I am ignoramus but can you please explain AGENDA 21. Where can I find more about the handing over by the US government the management of millions of acres of land to the UN. I was at the Statue of Liberty just this weekend, and I did not see a single UN flag but only American flags. The security was American also. The boat was run by an American operator. There were Coast Guard and they were American.

Mitchell Langbert said...

UN Agenda 21: Watch the video I am now posting on my blog. I have some of the books he mentions on order. The original book "Agenda 21," published by UNESCO, is out of print at the UN bookstore. It sells for over $1,000 on Amazon. I am going to locate a library copy and Xerox. There is no conspiracy theory or anything, as Mr. Lamb starts out by saying. There is the black and white plan of UNSESCO and the black and white copies of the cap and trade law. Indeed, UNESCO has established regulations at a number of federal parks illegalizing hunting and other activities.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Certain parks have been designated as Wildlife Heritage sites, which are now called "local wildlife sites." I'm not sure of the administrative details. There are certain parks where management has been transferred to UNESCO. One I know of is in Oklahoma. There are phases of integration with UNESCO management of different the local wildlife sites. I am going to be obtaining more information about their processes. The UN website likely has some information.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Due to a technical prolem at Google/Blogger my blog account was off line for 24 hours. Now that it's back up posts that were put up prior to the blackout are not online at this time. Blogger may restore them later. To reply to the individual(s) who have been debating the prospects of the GOP, please consider that

1. Agenda 21 is not the equivalent of a military or diplomatic treaty. It is an unconstitutional agreement that transfers discretionary authority to a foreign power.

2. Agenda 21 was signed by George H. Bush (yes, the first Bush, not the second) and has been supported by the GOP. It was a Republican administration that signed it.

3. Agenda 21 is an explicit plan to remove 1/2 of American land from development. Not only would such a plan violate the constitution, it is so extreme and far fetched that most people have trouble believing it or taking it seriously. Yet, this environmental extremism was signed by the US government and by Republican President George H. Bush.

4. The GOP has done nothing to remove the US signature from it.

5. UNESC0 has adopted guidelines that have been adopted by municipalities and other local governments. In addition, the federal government has given UNESCO management authority and unconstitutionally complied with UNESCO regulations on various federal park sites.

6. The video I showed makes these points clear. If you think that clearing half of America and turning it into a wilderness park is the same thing as a nuclear test ban treaty, you are off the wall.

7. I have ordered Agenda 21 from the UN publications site. You can read about Agenda 21 in the following article by Representative Helen Chenoweth-Hage at: http://www.unwatch.com/un-green.html

8. Even if Bush hadn't signed Agenda 21, the immense damage that the GOP has done to expand government, to a degree that equals or exceeds the Democrats, would still require an explanation on your part. These include:

1. Theodore Roosevelt's Progressivism, establishment of the Federal Trade Commission and advocacy of socialization of industry.

2. Richard M. Nixon's abolition of the gold standard, opening the door for immense expansion of government since.

3. The 1980-2008 monetary expansion by Alan Greenspan that started within three years of Ronald Reagan's presidency and that led to the current financial problems, which David Stockman (Reagan's Budget Director) says is entirely the GOP's fault (he was defeated by the supply siders in the 1980s): http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/former-reagan-budget-director-david-s

4. George W. Bush's advocacy of the bailout in 2008, the greatest expansion of government and the biggest step toward socialism since Richard M. Nixon abolished the gold standard.